What is the Sacred Sister women

The Sacred Sisterhood of Women is more than one female that supports females as the “Key” to family administration; and who have applied Freedom Remedy beliefs and are instilling in their children a conscious understanding of human excellences, racial equality, reverence for humanity-especially for women; thereby nurturing children to know their human capacities and potential to become a great problem solver and change agent in their home, community and city.

Sacred Sisterhood Adminstration & purpose


1.  It is a group of people who have unified to accepted responsibility for improving the future for all females and children. The people do this by any of the following: supporting, promoting, learning, employing, and teaching the Freedom Remedy. 


2.  A group of people united in teaching and modeling the concepts”Sacred Sisterhood is the Key” and Freedom Remedy . 

3.  And a group providing a man what he needs for his behavioral change and growth and development to realign his social behavior to give her first priority in his life to be demonstrated in his everyday behavior employing the Freedom Remedy and the idea of “Sacred Sisterhood is the Key” to become a Community model and agent for change .

The purpose of the Sacred Sisterhood Administration: 


To assure the change in thinking, belief and behavior so that it is supportive an aligned with how the Sacred Sisterhood of Women desire it.