Why the beloved Community?


"Acknowledgement and Statement of Responsibility"

We, the undersigned, having awakened to the general plight of humanity, with the realization of our own contribution to the perpetuation of injustice and inequality upon our fellow human beings, do hereby agree and affirm our mutual desire and willingness to embrace the Freedom Remedy: Reverence for Humanity acknowledgment of the Sacred Sisterhood of Women, forgiveness and above all love.  We agree to work together for the uplifting of the consciousness and self-esteem of humanity in order to establish: A Beloved-Community, we acknowledge, agree and affirm by signing on this  August 26, 2017

Chantale Fortunat -Manley

Debra Wilborn 

John (Vomolanie) Ross 

Keita Oloye Ajanaku 

Chisulo Akono Ajanaku 

The Beloved Community mission: is to develop (foster) unity, eradicate suffering, uplifting sacred sisterhood and empower women to rear children to their highest human potential.

How we will accomplish our mission

Our strategy


  • Develop unity with people through the demonstrating of reverence for all Humanity
  •  Eradicating the suffering from racial tags. One race- the human race!
  •  Uplifting the Sacred Sisterhood of Women to empower all people. 
  • Empowerment of the Sacred Sisterhood of Women to rear and promote the rearing of children to their highest human potential 

Our Standards for Community


Community Values

Transparency, Commitment, Integrity, Responsibility, Imagination, Empathy, Tolerance, Forgiveness, and Patience 

Community Principles: 

Stay focus on the bigger picture, Take one step at a time.

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