I am not black and you are not white

Unity for all Humanity

Freedom Initiative & Freedom Remedy


The Freedom Initiative {Genesis by Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire, founder of Future America Basic Research Institute and creator of the Psycho-Social Science of Humaculture } is a comprehensive approach to promoting, recruiting, teaching, and demonstrating to youth, adults and soon to be released prisoners; the Freedom Remedy.  Selected learners will become primary catalyst to model the Freedom Remedy whereby they take action for unity, community maintenance, community improvement and community wealth-building in a neighborhood.​

The Freedom Remedy is the method for examining and releasing three hindrances to human evolution: 1. Deep internalized race beliefs 2. Gender stereotyping, 3. Learned socialize trends. Through Examining and eradicating these three social hindrances give rise to the need for the individual to install new knowledge, information and beliefs, socially and psychologically. The next step in this process is to assist the individual in understanding and acting on the sacredness and royalty of one’s humanity as a free, responsible, and innately equal human being, while subject to the process of past social institutional construct. To go onto uniting with the whole of humanity and one race of people; Human!