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The Freedom Initiative


  • The Freedom Initiative {Genesis by Dr. Nkosi Ajanaku, Esquire, founder of Future America Basic Research Institute and creator of the Psycho-Social Science of Humaculture }  is a multi-faceted approach to promoting, demonstrating and teaching psychosocial learning concepts that people can apply, and that will benefit personal growth, social growth and racial unity in communities.  

The Freedom Remedy


  • The Freedom Remedy is the method for examining and releasing three hindrances to human evolution; Deep internalized race beliefs, Gender stereotyping and Learned socialize trends.  Through examining and onto eradicating these three social hindrances give rise to the need for the individual to install new knowledge, information and beliefs, socially and psychologically for freedom.

Our Destination: Beloved Community

  • Coming together for the uplifting of the consciousness and self-esteem of humanity in order to establish a Beloved Community to foster unity of humanity, eradicate suffering, uplifting Sacred Sisterhood of Women and empower women to rear children to live out their highest human potential.

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